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SECALIM is a company dedicated to the manufacture of rolls of cotton fabric, cellulose and toilet parper to be used as cleaning material in garages,factories and so on.
Our product is the best you can find for these purposes and achieves an optimal result in quality and safety, guaranteed by the certificate Oeko-Tex.
Our success in the cleaning sector is the result of a detailed study of current market demands and a minute monitoring in the manufacture of our products.

We also manufacture cotton fabric covers for hams and meat products, and we are the first company to print the clients logo on the fabric.


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  • Rolls of cotton cloth for industrial cleaning in general.
  • Rolls of 100% cotton fabric cleaning specific sensitive materials. Widely used in printing or manufacturing of precision machinery and also in the cleaning of windows and glass.
  • Cellulose rolls for all kinds of cleaning.
  • Toilet paper rolls for home and industry. In different sizes.
  • Fabric covers (charcuterie) for hams and meats, that have passed all the health and safety controls, we currently supply  most important ham producers in Spain.