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Why buy Secalim

The SECALIM ROLL is a brand new cleaning concept - practical, clean and inexpensive.

 The roll has been shown to be cost effective, as you cut only what you need each time, unlike recycled cloths, which come in all shapes and sizes and are often too short, too small and not absorbent enough.

Cleaning is done with cotton fabric and not with an unhygienic and unattractive assortment of rags.

You need metres of fabric to clean, not kilos of cloths that are too small, too short, of dubious quality, and half of which you cannot use. On the roll from start to finish, the fabric is completely uniform, clean and highly absorbent.

SECALIM ROLLS bear the ÖKO-TEX Standard guarantee label, certifying that they are suitable for cleaning purposes and that they have been made to approved standards. When the time comes for a health and safety inspection, your company can be confident that it is using a completely guaranteed and trustworthy product.

The cotton fabric is washable and reusable, so apart from saving money you are helping to protect the environment.

No more dirty cloths, no more rags cut from shirts, trousers and tracksuits. The SECALIM ROLL gives your organisation prestige, quality and savings and can be used to clean anything you like.

With SECALIM all your cleaning needs are met with a box of rolls, so you'll always have cleaning fabric to hand.

The rolls come packaged in plastic bags for easy storage and with a manufacturing control and composition label